CCalendar - Organize / communicate / publish group-appointments easly, intelligent and save
Ideal for organisations, groups, associations, churches, schools, companies, families aud privat persons too

CCalendar is free of charge for 50 days for trial to the full extent!

After the trial period your acces will be automatically deactivated, unless explicitly activated by yourself. - No unwished costs or commitments will be generated!

If you like to continue to use this service, you can individually configure the calendar and activate it by payment in advance. - Hence you only pay what you need!

By the way: 10% of the CCalendar-receipts will be donated to charitable organizations!

Prices as follows:
Functions: Description: Price per month for individuals / non-profit-organisations*:
(incl. VAT)
Price per month for profit-organisations / companies:
(incl. VAT)
Basic module: Includes all functions, except the following optionals: 3,00 EUR 4,50 EUR
Cyclical appointments:
Possibility to manage cyclic recurring appointments (e.g. daily / weekly / monthly / yearly appointments) 2,00 EUR 2,50 EUR
Data interfaces:
Possibility of displaying appointments from external calendar-systems by .ical/.ics.
Possiblity of data-export into other calendar-systems e.g. by .ical/.ics / CSV / Excel, XML.
Possibility of data-import by CSV
2,00 EUR 2,00 EUR
Outlook synchronization:
Interface to align your appointments with MS Outlook 2,00 EUR 3,00 EUR
Booking system:
Appointment-/Ressources booking by external users

Additional easy, compact seat reservation system for seat-reservation/-booking in Corona-times.
3,50 EUR 4,00 EUR
Easy finding of common appointments by vote 0,50 EUR 0,75 EUR
No advertisement insertion in appointment and direct-mails 1,00 EUR 1,00 EUR
Integrated CManager-Groupware-Extension:
Document storage:
Possibility to deposit commonly used files and access with access rights. Incl. attaching these files to appointments (e.g. directions etc.) Max. 60 MB. 2,00 EUR 2,00 EUR
Management of person data (e.g. of members / customers / personal / ...)
with totally encrypted database-storage!
2,00 EUR 2,50 EUR
Common management of tasks of groups by common ToDo lists 1,50 EUR 1,50 EUR
Mailing / Mailing-lists:
Possibility of management of mailing lists for different person groups and for mailings of free formulated mails and appendix (up to 3 MB) and up to 300 persons at once. 1,75 EUR 2,50 EUR
alternative option
Direct mail:
Additionally sending appointments manually to any e-mail recipients (besides the subscription service of the basic module).
Also manually send freely formulated e-mails to appointment groups.
0,75 EUR 1,00 EUR
  • All prices include VAT.
  • All prices are lump-sum per organisation. You can setup as many user accounts as ou like. - There will be no additional costs!
  • CCalendar can be paid in advance for either 6, 12 or 18 months.
    The payment can be done by any admin account in the calendar through the menu "Configuration/Payment".
  • * CCalendar grants a discount for non-profit-organisations (= non-profit price). This includes all organisations / companies, which do not operate to make a profit or are charitable.
    We reserve the right to request proof of discount eligibility.
  • During 50-day(s) trial you enter no commitments.
    The testing is completely free of charge and without commitment.
    At the end of 50 day(s) the account will be automatically deactivated, if you have not voluntarily extended by payment in advance.
  • Further usage is voluntarily by payment in advance for 6, 12 or 18 months.
  • Later refund of prepaid amounts is impossible.
  • At the end of the prepaid period your account will be automatically deactivated.
    You enter no further commitments.
    Reordering by payment in advance for another period again is voluntarily.
What user means:
"I have been looking since a longer time for a suitable calendar system. But this is far the best for our needs!!"
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