CCalendar - Organize / communicate / publish group-appointments easly, intelligent and save
Ideal for organisations, groups, associations, churches, schools, companies, families aud privat persons too
Feature overview:

Service days as full trial version for free and non-binding

Managing of an unlimited amount of appointments and planning horizon

Managing of appointment series with variants and exceptions

Comfortable and password save operation from every computer connected to the internet, worldwide with your familiar browser

Automatic publication of official appointments on your webseite without additional maintenance

Automatic appointment reminder immediate, daily, weekly and monthly via email - individually adjustable from every member

Managing of an unlimited amount of appointment groups for any department or sub-group of your organisation

Free allocation of appointments to any applied appointment group

Managing of up to 300 of participants (users) - expandable if required

Reading, writing and subscription rights for appointments are individually assignable

Free allocation of participants (users) to any applied appointment group

Delegation of responsibilities

Differentiation of planned and certain appointments

Differentiation of internal and external appointments

User-defined fields for appointments and appointment-groups

Appointment finder - for fast and automatic enquiry of the best date for every participant

Integrated document deposition with dedicated access and external documents

Every appointment is arbitrary connectable with documents

iCalendar interface (.ical / .ics) for subscription / integration of your calendar into other systems eg. MS Outlook, Google Calendar, iPhone, iCal, Mozilla Lightning, Smartphones, ... - as well as reverse for displaying appointments from other calendar-systems in CKalendar

*.csv data import and export function for local processing of your appointments in MS Excel etc.

XML interface for further processing your data - eg. displaying it with your own individual layout

Tool for simple synchronizing your data with MS Outlook

App for smartphone usage  

Export your appointments in iCalendar format (.ics) for further processing

Directmail (sending of individual e-mails to one or more appointment groups and additional possibility to manually send appointments to any e-mail recipients)

booking tool for external users to book defined ressources

Compact Seat-reservation-system for easy reservation, booking und contact tracking accourding to Corona rules

Guest acces

Adustable colors and logo for integration into your website

Free additional PHP- or HTML-module for automatic display of your public appointments on your existing website

Free additional PHP-module "appointments ticker" to automatically show your public appointments as marquee text on your existing website

Very high security through 256 bit encrypted data communication (SSL server )

No linking of the data to other data or systems! - The data will be held available exclusively for this calendar system.

Backup server for high data redundancy

and all this at a very low price - with a discount for non-profit organisations!


Person management for common, integrated management of your members / employees / customers / suppliers / fully encrypted data storage in our database system!

ToDo lists for common, integrated management of your tasks

Mailing lists for integrated communication with your person groups by mail distribution up to 300 at once.

In short: Media management for commuication and management of your available medias (CDs / DVDs / books / ...)

What user means:
"I have used your excellent CKalendar for a few years now. Your CKalendar is still the best calendar program! I will be happy to recommend him."
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