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Instructions - CSV Data Export / Import:
"CSV" stands for "Comma Separated Values". It is a common data format to exchange data between different EDP systems.
"Data-gateway" is an optional additional function in CCalendar. It is subject to charge and has  to be activated by your administrator.
CSV Data Export from CCalendar:
You can find the possibility of CSV data export in the CCalendar system under the menu item or rather calender view "List View"
Simply adjust the desired data in the selection fields of the list view as you would do in a selection display for a screen view.
You start the export of the selected data as CSV file (CSV ASCII-textfile) with a click on the symbol These you can then save on your local harddrive, view in MS Excel or other programs or further process arbitrraily.
After the click on the CSV symbol you will be asked, if possible appointment series shall be exported as single appointments or as one appointment entry with exactly the series details as further fields to this entry. Simply respond to this dialogue as shown with 'OK' or 'Cancel'. (These two terms may be a bit misleading here - do not be disturbed by it - the functionality will still be executed as described.) In case you wan to read the data in later with the import module, you have to choose 'Cancel' mandatory!
CSV Data Import into CCalendar:
This function for accumulative import of appointment data is only available to each administrator of an organisation under the administration menu item "Data Import".
Restrictions / Compatibility:
  • When using the optional module "Data-gateway":
    Documents and links of appointments with documents are excluded from data import/export!
  • When using the optional module "Booking System":
    Contact details from bookers are excluded from data import/export!
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