CCalendar - Organize / communicate / publish group-appointments easly, intelligent and save
Ideal for organisations, groups, associations, churches, schools, companies, families aud privat persons too
What user means about CCalendar:
As an elementary school with three classes, we have been extremely satisfied CKalendar-users for several months. (B.D., 25.02.2021)
We are enthusiastic about your offer and the support! (A.L., 11.02.2021)
I have used your excellent CKalendar for a few years now. Your CKalendar is still the best calendar program! I will be happy to recommend him. (M.M., 11.11.2020)
Your calendar ist great! We use the calendar to our complete satisfaction. Hats off for such a great job. (A.K., 16.12.2019)
The calendar really does what it promises. (H.K., 20.10.2019)
I'm excited how fast you responded, it deserves a big compliment!!! (H.K., 28.02.19)
Brilliant! Thank you for the quick implementation. This saves a lot of administration time.
Finally a support, as you imagine it as a user! (C.B., 23.08.2018)
... is CCalendar really a great thing! I am exited and many of our staff, too. Many thanks for this sophisticated service! (T.B., 04.05.2016)
We use CCalendar for several years for the complete room occupancy in our congregatin. It is a great tool, which covers our needs in a simple way (without being overly complicated, as so often in IT) (L.L., 22.02.16)
WOW, what a service [...] - I'm in really good hands here. (A.K. 31.12.2015)
... For assembly planning we previously had a blackboard, despite the high IT affinity.
For two years, I am looking for an adequate way to carry out such a plan by a computer program. The requirement was that this can be done online in real time for all users, incl. assembing teams. Your tool I have found by chance after another and long search! Therewith our requirements are fulfilled in perfection and this in simple, structured and useful way for everyone after a quite short introduction.
This tool may have been developed only by practitioners for practitioners! We are thrilled!! Thank you and greetings (L.L., 20.01.2015)
CCalendar is just a top product! (M.M., 03.01.2015)
I want to cordially and especially thank you for the professional service, the reliability and company. ... (C.E., 24.04.2014)
CCalendar was perfectly introduced and became an essential instrument for planning. It will definitely be extended. (O.E., 20.11.2013)
I want to say ... a big praise for CCalendar in general! The system is really super handy and … is used a lot! (K.K., 13.07.2012)
CCalendar is as yet the best amongst all existing! (M.M. 07.12.11)
I very much like your calendar! It is an expedient tool, considering effective time planning! (S.E., 21.09.10)
An excellent tool! We have been searching for it a very long time and found it here – Thank you! (W.S., 12.06.10)
Our church uses it intensely since last summer and it became our all-in-one calendar.
Also the versatile Outlook gateway is gladly used by a lot, also soon the publishing function on our church website. So all in all VERY GOOD! (L.N., 07.03.10)
We already use your CCalendar for a long time. We cannot imagine our organisation without it! (V.H., 03.04.09)
I am very convinced of your offering / software and staff gets more and more trust and acceptance in using for transparency and communication. (C.E., 23.10.08)
The use of CCalendar is a very genius aid-tool for coordination and publication of all our appointments of the whole fire brigade. So GOOD!! (O.W., 14.10.08)
I thank you for your excellent service. As a matter of fact I am very satisfied with CCalendar and gladly use it for my and our planning.
It is the first calendar program, that shows me all appointments at first sight. (I.D., 10.09.08)
At this occasion I complement you on this great product. … I have been searching the internet again and again for an online agenda and am convinced that I found the tailored solution for us with CCalendar. Thank you!!! (S.S., 25.07.08)
Our church is excited. (M.M., 24.07.08)
You have a super product; I use it a dozen times daily. (S.H., 11.03.08)
Thanks a lot for your exceptionally good service. (U.F., 29.02.08)
Thanks a lot. ... Such a good and professional service is without equal. (M.D., 01.02.08)
Everything works perfectly. (M.M., 25.11.07)
Thank you a lot for the super competent support! (H.S., 05.04.07)
I am totally excited of your CCalendar! (B.A., 23.03.07)
Furthermore I want to say thank you for the really excellent service you are offering. at a low price. Without you part of my work would be a lot more difficult! Thank you and thanks again – Keep on going… (C.K., 06.03.07)
Thank you for your help! That is what I call support!!!! (J.G., 24.02.07)
I want to express my joy about your CCalendar that, in its versatility, totally meets what I have been looking for as 'appointment manager'. (M.M., 30.01.07)
The Outlook gateway is super, THANKS!!! (J.M., 25.01.07)
An amazing tool and great help! (R.J., 17.12.06)
Not bad what they can. I still like your calendar more because one can create groups. This does not work with… . Your system is almost perfect for my use. (M.O., 30.10.06)
Thank you for this exceptional online calendar! (M.M., 10.10.06)
I have been looking since a longer time for a suitable calendar system. But this is far the best for our needs!! (E.K., 09.10.06)
Up to now all sport and music colleagues are excited about the functionality. (R.G., 30.08.06)
After I tried CCalendar a while I am amazed.
Where I normally had to send my data multiple times to different addressees, it is done in one task now.
Great! (W.G., 18.08.06)
Your calender is just great – thanks a lot! (T.L., 01.07.06)
I am very satisfied with your calendar.
It is a pleasure to work with the calendar and it is a great benefit for our work. (W.R., 30.05.06)
Kudos to CCalendar. A very simple and efficient solution. (D.B., 18.05.06)
You convinced us. The calendar is great! (M.S., 18.04.06)
Your calendar became a great help for us. No more chaos! (R.L., 14.04.06)
Great tool, the calendar! Tried it for one day and immediately activated it.
The solution for our problem with internal appointments in our band...
Already suggested the product to other colleagues. (A.N., 01.03.06)
Nice that you keep developing the calendar – it is a pleasure to use it. (M.D., 13.12.05)
The calendar is of great help for us. Keep it up. (E.S., 21.11.05)
Generally speaking, this calendar is an absolute supertool. It covers almost all needs and is easy to use.
You were very successful here, congratulations!!! (J.M., 10.09.05)
We fall in love more and more with the calendar. Good work. (M.R., 24.08.05)
Finally, with CCalendar we found a very good possibility to optimally manage our appointments.
Done greatly and thought of everything!
Thanks a lot – great help for us! (F.L., 11.06.05)
Many thanks for the quick response.
The calendar is well done and, despite the short experience, well received in our church. (E.S., 25.05.05)
Your calendar is praised a lot at our church and we cannot think of a church live without it.
Puts an end to appointment collisions, chaos, misconceptions.
Clear display of appointments... that is simply super. (R.L., 08.07.05)
Thank you very much for your exquisite service! (M.M., 26.05.05)
The calendar is great and I will keep on using it. (G.W., 25.04.05)
Compliments for this pretty fast and good designed program – especially without the normally inevitably seeming cumbersome advertisement. (R.L., 26.09.02)
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