CCalendar - Organize / communicate / publish group-appointments easly, intelligent and save
Ideal for organisations, groups, associations, churches, schools, companies, families aud privat persons too
Use and target group:
CCalendar  is a powerful tool for location-independent calendar-management via internet.

CCalendar especially suitable:

  • for organisations / companies / groups / communities / clubs and even for individuals which have to make an appointment with others.
  • if you want to make appointments for individuals and certain groups of people (maybe even in seperated locations) individually acessible
  • to remind different groups of people of appointments automatically, efficient and safe via e-mail
  • to be up-to-date about appointments constantly, without having to take care by yourself
  • to display selected appointments up-to-date and fully automatic - completely without maintenance - on your existing homepage
  • Appointments and changes are communicated fully automatic to all relevant persons
  • Fully automatic publication of seleted appointments on your homepage - without maintenance!
  • Completely automatice distribution of daily, weekly and monthly appointment lists, as well as individual appointments
  • Prevention of conflicts already during scheduling
  • Reduction of exhausting appointment arranging in meetings
  • Prevention of forgetting appointments!
    (The latest appointments for the day are sent via email every morning at 1:00 am to each user individually.
    Thus they are available daily at start of work.)
What user means:
"I have been looking since a longer time for a suitable calendar system. But this is far the best for our needs!!"
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