CCalendar - Organize / communicate / publish group-appointments easly, intelligent and save
Ideal for organisations, groups, associations, churches, schools, companies, families aud privat persons too
Intructions - Organisation Details:
The Organisation details contain the basic details that you have entered at initial setup. - You can adjust these here any time.
Supplying the organisation homepage is optional. - Provided that you entered your URL, every CCalendar user however, has the possibility to access your organisation homepage quickly with a link from the user menu. Hence, it is recommended.

With "Display German public holidays" you can turn the insertion of German public holidays in your individual organisation calendar on or off. This setting applies organisationwide for every user.
Confirm the input / change each with the button "Change data".
What user means:
"... For assembly planning we previously had a blackboard, despite the high IT affinity.
For two years, I am looking for an adequate way to carry out such a plan by a computer program. The requirement was that this can be done online in real time for all users, incl. assembing teams. Your tool I have found by chance after another and long search! Therewith our requirements are fulfilled in perfection and this in simple, structured and useful way for everyone after a quite short introduction.
This tool may have been developed only by practitioners for practitioners! We are thrilled!! Thank you and greetings"
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